Need Strategy, Copy & Design That Grows Your Business For Years And Years To Come?

If so, I may be able to help. But before you apply, there’s a few things you should know about how I work.

I Can Help You If You’re Looking For…



My Work Will Be Most Impactful If You're Already:

Here's How My Process Works:


To start things off, we’ll get on a video call for a quick hello and a chance to learn all about you, your business goals, budget and timeline. You’ll also get to ask me any questions you may have and we’ll see if it makes sense to move forward together.


If we’re a fit, we’ll schedule a paid audit where I’ll examine your current marketing, audience, performance and competition… and pinpoint the exact opportunities for generating huge results for your business today.

If we’re feeling good and want to keep things going, I’ll send you the necessary paperwork and invoice to get the project started. Fees are upfront and payment plans are available on occasion. All prices are in USD.


To get the voice, tone, look and messaging right, I’ll go through all of your existing customer research, brand guidelines, web pages, emails, books, products, podcasts, lead magnets, online forums, social media posts and whatever else you can send my way.

(I may even request a few interviews with some of your staff and best clients for further insights.)

Once I’ve done all that, I’ll send you a rough outline of what I’m looking to create. As soon as you give me the approval, I’ll hammer out some first drafts and send those to you along with a video walkthrough explaining the “why” behind the work.


At this stage, you’ll let me know what you like, what you don’t like and help answer any questions I may have so we can get working on final drafts ASAP. While I offer two rounds of revisions with most projects, one round is usually all it takes to get things right.


If you love what you see and we’re ready to run with it, I’ll release the completed documents to you and your team.

I’ll then make myself available to help guide your developers in making sure the copy and design are coming together as perfectly as possible.


And we’re live! You’re getting better leads and bigger sales… everything’s looking and working just right!

Of course, it’s just the beginning.

Because let’s be honest… you’re probably going to want to do it all over again.

Which is exactly why I’ll be here and ready to help you take on the next phase of building the biz of your dreams.

Full Disclosure

Access to my expertise is not for everyone.

If you aren’t open to trying out new ideas or following direction — we won’t be a good fit.

I also only write and design marketing assets… I don’t do the actual build-outs. That means you’ll still need your own developers to finalize the setup.

Lastly, I will only work with you if I believe I can produce a massive ROI for your business. If I can’t solve your problem, I don’t want any of your money.

Instead, I’ll simply refer you to a resource or person that is more ideal for you and your situation.

Apply To Work With Me

If you’ve read everything on this page and believe we’d be good fit, click the button below to fill out a short application to work with me now.