About Me

Hey, I’m Mr. Brand Builder (AKA Eddie Biroun).

I help coaches, consultants and ecommerce brand owners scale their revenue with high-converting copy and design.

I know you're busy, so here's the tl;dr...

My Skill System


From verbal to visual, I can help you get crystal clear on your brand’s unique voice, message, look and positioning.


Want a bigger email list? Or an increase in MRR? Let me know and I’ll get you a plan that makes it happen fast.


Whether it’s a sales page or a few emails, my copy will get you the sign ups and pay days you’re looking for.


I’ll design and optimize any page on your site to ensure your conversion rates are always up — nice and high.

In Case You've Got Time, Here's My Journey So Far...

KID EDDIE (1999)

I spent years hanging at my dad’s corner store where I’d “study” cool designs found inside newspapers, magazines and comic books. I also discovered how to get on the internet for free thanks to these AOL disks I kept finding. (No credit card required!) Who knew years later I’d end up in a career in digital marketing? Life is weird…


About a decade later, I went to university to study marketing after failing trying accounting and hating it. We got to do cool stuff like get other students to taste test different colored jello and have them guess the flavor… even though there was no flavor and we were just using color dyes to mess with their perceptions. We got an A+.


During a slushier-than-usual Montreal winter, I went around pitching the TV screens found on the university campus to surrounding businesses who could use them to advertise and get more students spending at their establishments. I learned how to use Photoshop so I could whip up some ad mockups and get them to sign faster. Go me!


In this world, I was designing national ad campaigns for big brand advertisers who wanted to use our major publishing properties to access our huge pool of readers. This meant a lot of sponsored content, print ads, display ads, social media ads, landing pages and whatever else could get us a home run. It was A LOT of fun!


I tried teaching for a day. But the school administrative body was so disorganized… it left a bad taste and I didn’t find myself wanting to stick around. So I bailed and decided to focus exclusively on working independently as a copywriter and designer instead. I’d still like to teach someday… but I’ll probably have to do it on my own terms. We’ll see.


I found myself getting pretty good at building out web pages, landing pages, sales pages and pretty much anything else that combines both words and visuals to generate new business. Wanting more, I jumped down the rabbit hole of learning how to write conversion-focused copy so I could improve performance with whatever I was working on.


Right before the lockdowns hit, I got a chance to fly down to Santa Monica to learn from Marty Neumeier and get certified as a Level C Brand Specialist. Fun Fact: Marty told me I share names with his cousin who wrote the script for the very first Robocop movie. Very cool!


I got a chance to take my copywriting skills to the next level by working under Chris Orzechowski at his agency and writing a TON of copy for big household names like Rich Dad Poor Dad, Deadline Funnel and The Motley Fool. I also got to help him launch some of the coolest products and programs for copywriters in the entire industry.


Mr. Brand Builder is born. Admittedly, a lot has changed since I started my journey as Edwin “Eddie” Biroun. Nowadays, I do a lot more than just write copy or design cool looking web pages. Rather, I help brand owners and marketers build businesses they’re proud of, sell kickass products and earn bigger, better, happier customers.

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