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Hi, I'm Eddie Biroun


I’m best known for helping authors and business owners drive revenue, scale faster, and earn long-time customers through high-converting copy, design and strategy.

People Seek Me Out When They're:

If any of that’s you, you’re in luck.

Because I’m the guy who’s going to help you figure it all out as quickly and simply as possible.

Overdelivers on every project we've worked on together!

Eddie understands the art and science behind writing copy, and knows how to take feedback and improve the copy dramatically every time he sits down to write.

I trust him as one of my go-to copywriters and marketing strategists, and I highly recommend you do the same.

Kira Hug
Kira Hug Media

Copywriting chops, sales strategy, and an easy-going work vibe.

Given what Eddie brings to the table, you’d be crazy not to hire him.

What’s more, he’s always looking to improve and get better, so you know he’ll bring new ideas and high-level thinking to every project.

Rob Marsh
The Copywriter Club

The Swiss-army knife of conversion.

This guy can do it all. Not only is Eddie an exceptional copywriter, but he’s also got an eye for design, lead gen skills, and enough tech knowledge to make him an asset for any brand.
He’s succeeded with every project I’ve thrown him on, ultra reliable, and not afraid to back away from any challenge.

Chris Orzechowski
The Email Copywriter

His email copy is incredible!

I love what he creates and I am always impressed with his work.

Thank you for your support. I’m excited for all the future projects we do together, Eddie!

Justin Donald
The Lifestyle Investor

There are copywriters and there are conversion copywriters.

Eddie’s experience designing and developing websites help him envision the optimal experience where design will highlight copy that converts. He anticipates customers’ journeys and experiences.

As an agency owner specializing in crafting end-to-end digital experiences, Eddie’s able to spot opportunities to optimize for. I value that.

Kelly Patchet
Quarterback Digital

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